July 28, 2014

Growing a Greener GOP From the Ground Up

National Bison Range - Montana

ConservAmerica was founded in 1995 to resurrect the GOP's great conservation tradition and to restore natural resource conservation and sound environmental protection as fundamental elements of the Republican Party's vision for America.

Conservation is Conservative! ®

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Rep. Fitzpatrick Leads on LWCF

“Polling has found that fully 85 percent of the American people say that Congress should honor its commitment to the Land and Water Conservation Fund.” Read Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick’s news release on the Land and Water Conservation Fund here. Thank you, Congressman Fitzpatrick, for working to protect our natural resources for our own enjoyment […]

Sisson family at top of Mt. Washburn in Yellowstone National Park.

Peak Season Travels

My family rolled across the fertile farmlands of Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska last week in route to our favorite vacation spot—Grand Teton National Park. When our sons were younger, we would spend the week before Labor Day there (by law, school cannot start in Michigan until after Labor Day). In late August, when most of […]

Flag at Eielson Visitor Center, Denali National Park. Photo: wikimedia commons

Independence Day: Public Lands and Liberty

Independence Day: Public Lands and Liberty As Americans head to cottages, campgrounds, lakes, and parks to celebrate Independence Day, ConservAmerica remembers why we’ve protected and passed public lands on to generations of Americans. There has been much reporting in recent weeks about the rekindling of the Sagebrush Rebellion and western lawmakers calling for federal lands […]

Senator Howard Baker

ConservAmerica is today’s home for Republican’s who share Sen. Baker’s idealism. “Even in his first term, at a time when Senate norms said that freshmen should be seen and not heard, Baker played a strong legislative role, including on the Clean Air Act, the beginning of a sustained interest and involvement in environmental issues that […]

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Secretary Hank Paulson on Climate Risk

“The solution can be a fundamentally conservative one that will empower the marketplace to find the most efficient response.” Read the entire piece here.

White House

Presidential Preference Poll

Take our Facebook poll: Who would best represent the GOP’s great conservation legacy in the White House?

North American Wetlands Conservation Extension Act

Republicans in both chambers of Congress are working to restore and protect wetlands in America. The North American Wetlands Conservation Extension Act (NAWCA) provides matching grants to organizations, state and local governments, and private landowners for the acquisition, restoration, and enhancement of wetlands critical to the habitat of migratory birds. Over the last 20 years, […]

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

ConservAmerica Endorses Rick Snyder for Michigan Governor

ConservAmerica is proud to announce its endorsement of Rick Snyder for governor of the Great Lake State of Michigan. “Governor Snyder’s record is one of strong, pragmatic leadership on conservation and environmental issues. His decision making process balances the needs of today’s citizens with those coming in future generations,” said Rob Sisson, president of ConservAmerica. […]

The Politics of the Positive

By Rob Sisson My Memorial Day weekend was spent in the tiny town of Fowler, Indiana. It’s my wife’s hometown and we were there to begin the sad process of preparing her late parents’ home for sale. Fowler is the county seat of Benton County, which bills itself as the Soybean Capital of the World. […]