August 29, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

Upton: Micro-beads are Major Problem

Chairman Upton (R-MI) discusses micro-beads during E&C Committee hearing.

Chairman Fred Upton leads the Energy and Commerce Committee on legislation to prevent harmful micro-beads from entering the food chain. Read more.

Rep. Fred Upton: Action Hero


A colleague described Michigan Congressman Fred Upton, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, as a conservation action figure. In the past two weeks, he has sponsored two important water conservation bills. The Drinking Water Protection Act and the Micro-bead Free Water Act both bear Upton’s common sense, forward-thinking stamp. Upton, during his career, […]

North American Wetlands Conservation Extension Act

Republicans in both chambers of Congress are working to restore and protect wetlands in America. The North American Wetlands Conservation Extension Act (NAWCA) provides matching grants to organizations, state and local governments, and private landowners for the acquisition, restoration, and enhancement of wetlands critical to the habitat of migratory birds. Over the last 20 years, […]

Liberty and Water

Great American outdoor writer and sportsman, Hal Herring

The great outdoor writer, Hal Herring, explains why water pollution is an attack on our personal liberty and freedom: “Takings of private property values by ruining rivers or water supplies are becoming commonplace.” “It has become woefully clear, in the past year or so, that when we fail to conserve these assets, and protect them […]

Conservefewell, Tracy Mehan on Governance and the environment

“The efficacy of new governance models should appeal to the environmentalist or conservationist. The earlier conservation movement emerged from the Progressive Era with an emphasis on scientific management and top-down control. Moreover, modern environmentalism, at least since the 1970s, has focused, almost exclusively, on federalizing environmental management and regulation, with a helpful assist from delegated […]

Out of the Water Closet?


By Rob Sisson, Dad/Homeowner For many, if not most of our loyal readers, this post is going to seem rather uncouth and out-of-place. If so, please find humor in my misery. This post is about “number 2″. Sort of. While one-third of America was watching NFL league championship games on Sunday, I was dry-vaccing my […]

Big Water Decision in US District Court

Brent Fewell reports on a new court decision that could have enormous implications for agriculture and municipalities located in thirty states. Check out Brent’s blog, Conservefewell, to read about the decision.

US Chamber Pours Cold Water on….

When the U.S. Chamber of Commerce sounds the alarm about our water resources and infrastructure, you know it’s time to sit up and pay attention. Click Water is Your Business to read the info-graphic.

87% of West in Drought


This story from the LA Times describes dust bowl-like conditions in western states. How will this impact our lives? Will people and jobs relocate? Will beef prices skyrocket as more and more ranchers cull their herds? What can be done to help preserve the uniquely American West way of life?

Council of Great Lakes Governors

The Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, Michigan

This weekend, the Council of Great Lakes Governors are meeting on Michigan’s beautiful Mackinac Island. Among the governors in attendance are Republicans Scott Walker (WI), Mike Pence (IN), John Kasich (OH), Tom Corbett (PA), and Rick Snyder (MI). Top of the agenda is protection of the Great Lakes and the threat of invasive species. The […]