August 28, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

ConservAmerica Endorses Reichert

ConservAmerica Endorses Ryan Zinke

ConservAmerica Endorses Mike Simpson

ConservAmerica Endorses Ros-Lehtinen

ConservAmerica Endorses Carlos Curbelo

Gov. Bush on the Environment

“Generally, I think as conservatives we should embrace innovation, embrace technology, embrace science. It’s the source of a lot more solutions than any government-imposed idea and sometimes I sense that we pull back from the embrace of these things. We shouldn’t. We’re the party that should be the party of discovery, the party of science, […]

The Important Conversation

Conservative writers Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner discuss the value of government in National Affairs. Please read this thought provoking article.

Governor Christie on Climate Change

In the heat of his re-election campaign, Governor Christie gave this answer at a recent debate: Governor Christie at gubernatorial debate

Political Polarization of the Environment: Who’s to blame?

Yale professor Paul Sabin wrote a thought provoking column last week in the Boston Globe about the decline of Republican environmentalism. While there is plenty of ‘blame’ to go around, he points out that environmental groups need to shoulder their share, too. “Environmentalists exacerbated the Republican shift away from environmental issues by allying forcefully with […]

Is the Barn Door Closed on the Farm Bill?


Last week, ConservAmerica joined with several other conservative organizations to push to have the Farm Bill split into two separate pieces of legislation. One would deal with agricultural issues. The other would deal with public assistance (food stamps). For decades, an unusual urban-rural partnership of lawmakers scratched each others’ backs and continued to stack the […]