August 27, 2014

Growing a Greener GOP From the Ground Up

Flood Insurance Fix

Click on this link to read the Flood Insurance Coalition letter to Congress Toomey Flood Insurance Coalition The National Flood Insurance Program provides a perverse incentive to build in environmentally sensitive areas prone to storm surges and floods. The continued use of taxpayer dollars to subsidize the program is both fiscally and environmentally irresponsible.

What is conservatism?

Ah, that’s the million (or in the case of Super PAC’s, multi-million dollar) question. One of the great conservative minds of our generation shares his thoughts here. Here’s our favorite excerpt: “5. We must make the environment, the countryside, and the settled communities of our nation into priorities of government. Conservatism is a philosophy of […]

2014: The Year of the Republican Conservation Revival

Are Republicans About to Reclaim TR’s Bully Pulpit on Conservation Matters? I’m likely to spend New Year’s Eve and Day responding to comments and emails from committed progressives and trolls who will excoriate me just for the headline, and from relatives worried about my emotional state. As an eternal optimist, though, I believe the tens […]

The Climate for Presidential Leadership

Senator John McCain

Today, President Obama unveils his strategy to curb and deal with the impacts of climate change. As conservatives, we heartily agree with this phrase from the opening statement of the plan: “….we have a moral obligation to future generations…” Because Congress has failed to act—under both Democrat and Republican leadership—the President is left with limited […]

T-Shirt Contest Finalists. Cast your vote!

Thank you for your submissions for our 2012 National Republican Convention T-shirt contest. We have narrowed it down to three phrases. Please cast your vote for the winning phrase with a comment below. 1.“If we’ve learned any lessons during the past few decades, perhaps the most important is the preservation of our environment is not […]

ConservAmerica T-shirt Contest!

Help us design the ConservAmerica 2012 T-shirts for the upcoming Republican National Convention. Leave us a comment with the best line to support conservation & ConservAmerica. Be clever, be pithy, but be quick! The author of the phrase chosen for the T-shirts will win 10 free shirts for you and your pals plus bragging rights. […]

Good Day Sunshine: Governor Christie’s Day in the Sun


Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) signs a bill to increase solar energy industry in his state. ConservAmerica proudly endorsed Christie during his campaign for governor. Read the Reuters article on Gov. Christie’s solar bill here.

Young Conservatives Looking for Solutions

Young Evangelicals for Climate Protection

“Some younger conservatives[...]have grown increasingly uneasy with the presumption that they hew to the skeptical line of the Republican Party, and some evangelicals in particular are looking for ways to embrace the science and steward the planet.” Read More

ConservAmerica Urges Senate to Confirm Svinicki for NRC

ConservAmerica, a national grassroots organization of conservation-minded Republicans, today urged the Senate to quickly confirm Kristine Svinicki for a second term on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. “Ms. Svinicki’s broad range of experience in nuclear energy, science and technology policy, and in government has proved to be a valuable asset to the commission. She is a […]

An Officer, A Gentleman, and Senate Pro Tempore

John Courson

South Carolina State Senator John Courson, a Marine Corps veteran and a long time ConservAmerica member, was recently elected by his senate colleagues as Senate Pro Tempore, the leader of the Palmetto State’s Senate. Senator Courson is a strong fiscal conservative and has been in the South Carolina Senate for 27 years. He refers to […]