August 27, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

Flood Insurance Fix

Click on this link to read the Flood Insurance Coalition letter to Congress Toomey Flood Insurance Coalition The National Flood Insurance Program provides a perverse incentive to build in environmentally sensitive areas prone to storm surges and floods. The continued use of taxpayer dollars to subsidize the program is both fiscally and environmentally irresponsible.

What is conservatism?

Ah, that’s the million (or in the case of Super PAC’s, multi-million dollar) question. One of the great conservative minds of our generation shares his thoughts here. Here’s our favorite excerpt: “5. We must make the environment, the countryside, and the settled communities of our nation into priorities of government. Conservatism is a philosophy of […]

Young Conservatives Looking for Solutions

Young Evangelicals for Climate Protection

“Some younger conservatives[…]have grown increasingly uneasy with the presumption that they hew to the skeptical line of the Republican Party, and some evangelicals in particular are looking for ways to embrace the science and steward the planet.” Read More