August 25, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

Energy and the Environment


Did you know that nuclear and hydropower generated 6,000 terawatt hours of energy in 2011? Compare that to wind power which generated 450 terawatt hours and solar energy which generated less than 60 terawatt hours and you’ll soon discover the answer to lowering emissions of greenhouse gases and other toxins cannot rely simply in renewable […]

America At A Crossroads

ConservAmerica’s latest white paper makes the case for natural gas as today’s clean energy choice for our environmental and economic security. AMERICA AT A CROSSROADS

Act Now to Support Sportsmen’s Act of 2012

Yesterday, Republicans in the U.S. Senate blocked passage of one of the most important conservation acts in recent history. A $10 increase in the price of a federal duck stamp was one of the major reasons cited by GOP Senators. Nearly every conservation organization in the country, including Ducks Unlimited, supports this bill. We need […]

106 years of Conservation

“In the opening years of the 20th century, looters ran wild through the Southwest, pillaging cultural treasures left behind by the desert’s early inhabitants. To stop the theft, Congress passed the Antiquities Act, which President Theodore Roosevelt signed into law 106 years ago today (June 8).” Read more about this great GOP conservation accomplishment, from […]

See what ConservAmerica’s Colorado members are up to…


Several other state legislatures have bills pending to force the turning over of federal lands to states, in some cases including national parks. What do you think about this? A bill to force sale of federal lands to the state has failed in the Colorado Legislature, thanks in part to the Colorado chapter of ConservAmerica. On […]

Energy – Cleaner. Here. Now.

Geysers geothermal power plant in California (NREL)

Cleaner Forms of Energy Are Always Better America must invest in cleaner energy that is made in America. Cleaner energy made in America is better for our economy, our security, our health, and our environment. In measuring how “clean” energy is, we must consider all phases of its development – the mining and manufacturing of […]