May 30, 2015

Conservation is Conservative

ConservAmerica: Leading the Way

We’ve been in the trenches for twenty years now. For several years, we’ve worked tirelessly to discuss a realistic path forward to lower greenhouse gas and toxin emissions, strengthen the U.S. economy, and to claim the next hundred years as the American Century of Energy Innovation. We’ve always believed that nuclear energy, hydropower, and natural […]

Hydropower Resurgence?

In terms of greenhouse gas mitigation, hydropower is still king of the hill. Worldwide, hydropower prevents the release of more than 2.6 billion tons of GHG. For comparison, nuclear energy prevents the release of 2.2 billion tons and renewable energy clocks in at 600 million tons. “From its experience of almost four decades of work […]

S & P Issues Climate Risk Report

Wall Street

Wall Street’s business is to quantify risk. Standard & Poor’s issues a new report titled “Climate Change Will Likely Test The Resilience Of Corporates’ Creditworthiness To Natural Catastrophes” “It’s unlikely that any company on its own can take adequate risk measures or purchase sufficient insurance to protect itself in the event of extreme natural catastrophes. […]

Portman Energy Efficiency Bill Signed into Law

“This is an important part of our energy plan for America that can help bring jobs back, help make our manufacturers more competitive, and actually help to protect the environment.” Read Senator Portman’s press release.

TALKING POINTS: California Carbon Emissions Plan

Nuclear Energy: Coming to a Home Near You in 2025

Gov. Christine Todd Whitman writing in the Wall Street Journal: “Now in the testing process, the first small modular reactors (SMRs) could be powering American homes beginning around 2025. SMRs produce up to 300 megawatts of electricity–enough to power 238,000 homes, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. SMRs, like today’s nuclear energy facilities, produce […]

Michigan Republicans Leading Way on Energy Efficiency


Executive Director Rob Sisson recently participated in an energy efficiency toured sponsored by Christian Coalition, including a stop at Bell’s Brewery, a pioneer in micro-brewing and sustainability practices. See what Rep. Fred Upton and several state legislators have to say about the topic and the tour (YouTube video).

Ameren CEO On EPA Power Plant Rules

“With millions of people in Missouri and Illinois relying on us for safe, reliable and reasonably priced energy, we have to find responsible, practical ways to transition to a cleaner and more diverse portfolio. Our 20-year plan involves adopting a mix of coal, nuclear, natural gas and renewables, while improving energy efficiency, and reaches the […]

Safe Harbor for Conservatives on Climate Change

“ConservAmerica conducted a number of public opinion surveys across the fruited plain in the run up to the 2014 midterms. From stern New Hampshire to tolerant southern California to the conservative heart of Texas, we gauged the electorate’s attitudes about climate change. A Majority of Republican voter’s attitudes have changed since 2003.” Read the results […]

Chairman Upton Urges Cooperation on Architecture of Abundance

On Wednesday, February 11, Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) opened a meeting of the Energy and Commerce Committee. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz later addressed the committee. Upton said, “The areas of disagreement between Republicans and the Obama administration often get most of the attention. But while our differences remain, I’m one who will always look […]