February 10, 2016

Conservation is Conservative


“Environmental groups are cheering over the Supreme Court’s Monday ruling in the obscure yet deeply consequential case Federal Energy Regulatory Commission vs. Electric Power Supply Association, in which a 6-2 court decision blessed “demand response” — the idea that big companies (and maybe, someday, aggregated groups of individuals) can get paid for using less electricity […]

Paris in a Nuclear Age

The Paris climate accord has the nations of the world facing a common future. Hopefully, Republican leaders will begin to discuss Cleaner, Here, Now as the pragmatic answer to the problem. Nuclear power is cleaner, here, now. And, in this National Review column, we read that four prominent climate scientists believe we cannot address climate […]


This morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough was blunt (paraphrasing): “The GOP must acknowledge climate change, hold a national conversation on what to do about it, and offer conservative approaches that don’t tank our economy.” Well, ConservAmerica has the solution. CLEANER, HERE, NOW. In fact, this column by our executive director, just appeared […]


We’re pleased to announce the Arizona Corporation Commission approved, unanimously, a pilot program to assist Arizona public schools in implementation of energy efficiency programs. The total budget for the two year program is $2 million and is in partnership with Arizona Public Services, the state’s largest utility provider. The Arizona Corporation Commission credited ConservAmerica with […]


Progressive environmentalists, and some right-of-center ones, are celebrating today because President Obama ‘killed’ the Keystone XL Pipeline. Keystone was primarily a symbolic line in the sand. We know many who read this blog truly believe the deep-sixing of the pipeline is the turning point in U.S. climate action. It isn’t. We’ve written in the past […]


CNN Debate: The Left’s Predictable Response

Exactly two of the eleven GOP presidential candidates who participated in last night’s debate were given the opportunity to answer the “climate” question. Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Chris Christie were given less than 30 seconds to answer the question. (By the way, the question purportedly was one of the top questions submitted by CNN […]

Germany vs. USA: The Carbon World Cup

Townhall compares Germany’s command-and-control efforts vs. America’s market driven results: “In the United States, by contrast, low natural gas prices caused by fracking have encouraged electricity providers to switch from burning coal to burning natural gas. As a result, the United States has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions more than any other country, and in […]

Free Market vs. Red Tape

“In President Obama’s own words, the United States “has reduced our total carbon pollution by more than any other nation on Earth.” Increased natural gas use was responsible for over 62 percent of electric power sector CO2 savings from 2005 to 2013, according to an Energy Information Administration (EIA) study.” Read Jack Gerard’s commentary on […]

EPA’s Clean Power Plan–First Glance

On August 3, President Obama announced the EPA’s long anticipated Clean Power Plan. Based on our first read, the plan’s success is heavily reliant on the next president and future Congresses implementing it–which is uncertain. Like the overly complex and contentious Affordable Care Act, the Clean Power Plan will be subjected to numerous, lengthy legal […]