April 19, 2014

Growing a Greener GOP From the Ground Up

America At A Crossroads

ConservAmerica’s latest white paper makes the case for natural gas as today’s clean energy choice for our environmental and economic security. AMERICA AT A CROSSROADS

Matt Lewis Podcast: Bob Inglis on a Conservative Approach to Climate

Daily Caller writer, blogger, and conservative commentator Matt Lewis interviewed former South Carolina Republican Congressman Bob Inglis this week. Take time to listen to an intelligent conversation on the right side of the issue. Matt Lewis Podcast

Why Wouldn’t GOPers like renewable energy?

Hawaii Rep. Cynthia Thielen

Article from New York Times that mentions a few people connected to ConservAmerica, including Hawaii State Representative Cynthia Thielen.

Pipelines, trains, or trucks: Let’s have a discussion

Oil train incident in Lac Megantic, Quebec.

There’s been a lot of news lately about accidents involving pipelines, trains and trucks hauling oil. The latest news is several train cars derailing over Philadelphia’s Schuylkyll River. Read a report here. Here’s a Grist column from the past weekend about exploding rail cars. For purposes of this discussion, let’s make the following assumption: Canada […]

Why Republican Leadership Matters

This morning, we received a bulk email from a major green group crowing about “killing a proposed coal plant” in Michigan. Yes, ConservAmerica believes there are better options for consumers, industry, and the environment than coal. Our “Cleaner, Here, Now” energy policy is a pragmatic look at moving beyond coal. The small town newspaper reported […]

Sec. George Shultz: Making Most of US Energy Boom

Sec. Shultz and President Reagan, 1986

Secretary George Shultz co-authored a Wall Street Journal article on transforming the US energy industry. “Meanwhile, replacing oil in the transportation sector by unleashing competition now shackled by OPEC’s price manipulation would reduce pollution significantly. Petroleum fuels also account for a larger share of America’s energy-related carbon-dioxide emission than any other fuel. For these reasons, […]

FERC and Renewables

Good article on FERC’s latest report: Reading the Renewable Energy Tea Leaves in Latest FERC Report

Debt and Fossil Fuels

For the economists and policy wonks out there, a challenging point of view from Business Insider. “We are now at the edge of a very different scenario. We are reaching debt default limits because we have extracted the easy to extract oil. Additional extraction can only be more expensive and thus push us further into […]

Harvard Business Case for Climate

Dr. Joseph Lassiter, of Harvard Business School, suggests free market principles, and nuclear and natural gas can solve many problems. Full story at Harvard’s Working Knowledge.

Common Sense & Climate Change

The founders of The Breakthrough Institute throw a dose of common sense on the fire of climate change. These writers, Ted Nordhaus and Michael Schnellenberger, are environmentalists dedicated to a secure future. Read their comments here.