August 31, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

Media Whiffs on Kasich’s Climate Change Answer

In a March 4 letter to CNN, 21 mayors of South Florida cities requested the topic of climate change be discussed at last night’s Republican debate. Moderator Jake Tapper asked the question, quoting a Republican mayor who wanted to know if each candidate accepted climate science and what strategy each would pursue if elected president.

Unfortunately, Tapper only asked Senator Marco Rubio and Governor John Kasich. Mr. Trump and Sen. Cruz were not included in the conversation. Video link to Gov. Kasich’s response.

Apparently, many, including an editor at Huffington Post, did not like Kasich’s answer. HuffPo’s teaser on its homepage shouts, “Kasich’s Answer on Climate Makes No Sense.” Clicking through, the article’s headline reads, “Kasich Says Humans Cause Climate Change, Then Proposes More Ways to Cause Climate Change.”

Nothing illustrates the irresponsibility of the media in this country better than that column. The author must be totally unaware that the United States of America is the ONLY developed country in the world that has lowered greenhouse gas emissions below its suggested Kyoto Protocol target. Yes, the USA led the world in the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions over the past decade.

We accomplished that through the prescription given by Governor Kasich last night. Regulators have told ConservAmerica, directly, that our nation’s GHG emissions reductions are almost entirely due to natural gas displacing coal for base-load electricity generation. Additionally, a public service commissioner who serves a large industrial state within the PJM electric market (, thirteen states plus DC, told us that emissions of harmful toxins have been reduced 60% due to the transition to cleaner burning natural gas.

Kasich also emphasized clean, renewable energy like wind and solar last night, and energy efficiency, as is evident in the video.

Natural gas is Cleaner, Here, Now. Republicans like Governor Kasich should be applauded and encouraged for supporting an approach that is actually benefitting our climate, and for enthusiastically supporting renewable energy and energy efficiency. Not included in the video clip was Kasich stating that a strong economy and a clean environment are not mutually exclusive. If we’re to engage the masses of economically disenfranchised citizens who support Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders, we must follow dual tracks of economic growth and energy that is Cleaner, Here, and Now.

Contrary to HuffPo’s headlines, Governor Kasich’s answer makes perfect sense.

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