March 27, 2015

Conservation is Conservative

Senator Howard Baker

ConservAmerica is today’s home for Republican’s who share Sen. Baker’s idealism.

“Even in his first term, at a time when Senate norms said that freshmen should be seen and not heard, Baker played a strong legislative role, including on the Clean Air Act, the beginning of a sustained interest and involvement in environmental issues that today would be anathema in the Republican Party, but that was much more common back then. ” From the New Republic

Read more about the statesman’s life at The Tennessean.

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  1. It’s unfortunate that the GOP has so few leaders today of Baker’s qualities. I was fortunate to be able to support him in my younger days. He was completely trustworthy, objective, and truthful. He was not a political ideological extremist similar to some who claim to be a Republican today.

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