April 30, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

ConservAmerica Endorses Rick Snyder for Michigan Governor

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

ConservAmerica is proud to announce its endorsement of Rick Snyder for governor of the Great Lake State of Michigan.

“Governor Snyder’s record is one of strong, pragmatic leadership on conservation and environmental issues. His decision making process balances the needs of today’s citizens with those coming in future generations,” said Rob Sisson, president of ConservAmerica.

The state and national political landscape over the past four years has not favored conservation and environmental protection, and that makes the accomplishments of Governor Snyder’s first term truly remarkable. Highlights include:

• Shepherding a first-of-its-kind statewide planning process to support renewable energy goals for Michigan. The administration’s report suggests that the state can easily reach 30% renewable energy by 2035 without significantly raising costs to Michigan’s consumers or businesses.
• Enhancing Michigan’s regulations for hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas wells, providing best-in-the-nation rules to protect the state’s natural resources while permitting vital economic activity. Natural gas is primarily responsible for the significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. over the past five years.
• Energizing the long dormant Council of Great Lake Governors to tackle threats to the Great Lakes, including invasive species and pollution from non-point sources as well as from aging waste and storm-water systems throughout the basin.
• Supporting and signing multiple bills to enhance public transportation, especially in southeast Michigan.
• Protecting the Au Sable River from oil and gas infrastructure development, thereby saving the world famous “Holy Waters”.
• Perhaps no governor in Michigan’s history has made better use of, or appointments to, citizen advisory committees. Ranging from the Natural Resource Commission to the Natural Resource Trust Fund to numerous wildlife and public land management commissions, Governor Snyder has appointed highly qualified individuals to help guide the administration’s policy making.

While the governor has piled up win-after-win for Michigan’s great out-of-doors, it is his plans for the next four years which earned this endorsement. Those include:

• Continuing to work with all stakeholders to build Michigan’s renewable energy economy.
• Branding Michigan as “The Trails State”.
• Leading the Council of Great Lakes Governors (and two Canadian provincial premiers) in numerous initiatives to protect and restore the Great Lakes.
• Institute natural resource management that views ecosystems in their entirety.
• Significant increases in funding for DEQ and DNR to provide much needed manpower and tools to manage our natural resources.

“The state legislature will remain firmly in Republican control after this fall’s elections. We need a conservation-minded, Republican governor who will exert leadership and influence to pass meaningful protections for our state’s unique natural resources. Governor Snyder has already made historic impact in that regard, and he has the opportunity to build a legacy such that future generations of Michiganders will mention his name in the same breath as our state’s most revered environmental leader, William Milliken,” said Sisson.

ConservAmerica is the national organization of Republicans for environmental protection. Founded in 1995, it works to restore the GOP’s great conservation legacy.


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