March 28, 2015

Conservation is Conservative

Sec. George Shultz: Making Most of US Energy Boom

Sec. Shultz and President Reagan, 1986

Sec. Shultz and President Reagan, 1986

Secretary George Shultz co-authored a Wall Street Journal article on transforming the US energy industry.

“Meanwhile, replacing oil in the transportation sector by unleashing competition now shackled by OPEC’s price manipulation would reduce pollution significantly. Petroleum fuels also account for a larger share of America’s energy-related carbon-dioxide emission than any other fuel. For these reasons, the wide-scale adoption of alternative-fuel vehicles powered by natural gas, electricity and other fuels—or a flexible fuel combination—would represent a major environmental achievement.”

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  1. Jeff Green says:

    There is information out there that says this may be shortlived. We are working harder to get the same amount of energy out of the ground. We are also using up the sweet spots and they are depleting in certain parts of the country. This point of view is very important to keep an eye on.

    Myself I’m curious to see how this will play out.

    If we have been snookered by the fossil fuel boys, it will have been a PR coup to get rich while hiding the truth about the situation of limited energy.

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