February 7, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

Governor Chris Christie

From Solarfeeds.com:

“Even though it’s not in the sunny southwest, New Jersey has the fourth-highest solar capacity per capita and it was the third state with over 1 gigawatt of installed solar. Governor and potential 2016 presidential candidate Chris Christie has signed numerous bills to expand solar in the the Garden State. In July 2012, Christie signed what is referred to as the “resurrection bill” for solar in New Jersey, which accelerated a Renewable Portfolio Standard in the state by four years and promoted development of renewable projects. When he signed the bill he said, “since my time running for office, I made it clear that my Administration would be unrivaled in our aggressive support for the development of renewable sources of energy in New Jersey. Renewable energy not only helps meet our goals of increasing sustainability and protecting the environment, but can be an engine for economic growth and the creation of good-paying jobs for the people of our state.”
Source: http://njtoday.net/2012/06/12/christies-approval-rating-reaches-new-high-mark/

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