September 1, 2014

Growing a Greener GOP From the Ground Up

Common Sense & Climate Change

The founders of The Breakthrough Institute throw a dose of common sense on the fire of climate change. These writers, Ted Nordhaus and Michael Schnellenberger, are environmentalists dedicated to a secure future. Read their comments here.

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  1. Republicans need to lead on aggressive co2 reduction. I suspect that is really not the intention of this group that is writing the article. To avoid 2*C the world needs to reduce aggressively. With denial in congress so strong, we are going to hand to our future generations some pretty intense problems. Not coming to grips with the seriousness of human driven change puts the world in a less hospitable environment to live in. This article is still a business driven agenda for natural gas and nuclear energy. The only way out of future warming is clean non co2 energy in the most aggressive way affordable.

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