March 28, 2015

Conservation is Conservative

87% of West in Drought

This story from the LA Times describes dust bowl-like conditions in western states.

How will this impact our lives? Will people and jobs relocate? Will beef prices skyrocket as more and more ranchers cull their herds? What can be done to help preserve the uniquely American West way of life?


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  1. Conservatives should be the leaders in xeriscaping, and should be having more public dialog over most efficient agricultural practices. But rather than lecturing and threatening the end of the world or America, the tone should be one of wisdom and understanding.

  2. Jeff Green says:

    As a conserve America person, would you be willing to tie in global warming to your talks?

  3. Jeff Green says:

    Your group is a rare breed and is badly needed. With enough Republicans or conservatives, the congress is ripe for whatever or where ever the Republicans would lead on it. I look forward to the day that this can happen.

    • Thanks, Jeff. We agree.

      The pro-environment and pro-conservation movement has spent too much time and money preaching to the choir, and not enough reminding Republicans and conservatives that “conservation is conservative”. That’s why we exist.

      We know–from reputable Republican consultants, pollsters, and communications groups–that, on average, every red congressional district has 25,000-30,000 solid Republican voters who care deeply about conservation. ConservAmerica is the ‘meeting place’ for those people. Because progressive environmental organizations have developed reputations as ‘arms of the Democratic Party’, we are a safe haven for conservatives and Republicans who believe clean air, clean water, public lands, and a healthy climate are fundamental to our well-being, our way of life, and our economy.

      Share our website or facebook page far and wide! Imagine our staff, board members, and members at large stalking the halls of Congress with the ability to say, “We have 250,000 members nationwide who believe….”

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