August 26, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

World Water Day

March 22 is World Water Day. Water resources is one of three key policy areas ConservAmerica has selected to focus upon. Thinking in your own backyard, at the local government level, what 3 things should public policy makers do to conserve and protect water resources?

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  1. Think ahead and give back. Here is a solution to not only conserving water, but offering a solution to the plastic problem. There are many different applications in communities, campuses, hospitals, cruise ships, and government offices.

    The boomerang water machine is essentially a small bottling plant that can easily be plugged into your current municipal water source. It resides in the facility’s kitchen and the size is similar to a household refrigerator. The machine does all the work —
    it sanitizes the bottles, filters the water, fills the bottles, and caps the bottles
    boomerang water bottles are 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly.

    Made mostly from recovered materials and
    are 100 times better for the environment than
    plastic bottles.

    Use approximately 95% less CO2 per bottle than plastic bottles after the first use.

    Have ZERO landfill contribution.

    20 to 1 reduction in carbon footprint after first use versus plastic bottled water.

    As a company we are aiming to become carbon neutral. boomerang water is offered in glass
    and aluminum, two convenient, Earth-friendly
    bottle options. think ahead, give back.™

    To learn more about us, visit us at

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