February 7, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

Five Things You Can Do

When people join ConservAmerica, or find us on Facebook, they will contact the office and ask, “How can I help?” Here are five things you can do to restore the GOP’s great conservation tradition:

5. Write a letter to the editor of your local or regional newspaper, or to a favorite periodical, to remind people of the GOP’s great legacy AND that conservative approaches to environmental problems stand the test of time.

4. Write a letter or email to your elected Republican representatives to let them know you’re counting on them to uphold our great tradition.

3. Share ConservAmerica’s Facebook or web pages with kindred spirits.

2. Show up at your local Republican meetings and speak out on conservation issues impacting your area.

1. Run for office! From school board to city councils to state legislature to congress…YOU can do it!

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