August 26, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

Laura Bush on Environmental Issues

Former First Lady Laura Bush has increased her focus on environmental issues. The Dallas Morning News reports on Mrs. Bush’s work here.

Conservative Quote of the Week: Alexander Hamilton


This week, we go way back to our Founding Fathers. In The Federalist Papers (No. 63), the following quote is attributed to Alexander Hamilton: “…liberty may be endangered by the abuses of liberty as by the abuses power.” We often speak of every right being married to a responsibility. Here, Hamilton foreshadows the American conservation […]

George Shultz: Driving on Sunshine

Stanford University profile of former Secretary of State George P. Shultz and a video of Mr. Shultz discussing his personal commitment to clean energy. Click here to view.

Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today, our national parks offer free admission in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Read more here. African-Americans played an important role in the Civilian Conservation Corps. Click here to read more.

Fracking Sense

There is a lot of hype about fracking right now. Major motion pictures, radical far-left environmental groups, and the odd celebrity all add to public confusion and mis-information. The National Review just published a piece titled, “Who’s Afraid of Fracking?” that adds a dose of reality to the discussion. To read it, click The National […]

Conservative Quote of the Week

“Finally, I would suggest that this new body must anticipate new problems even as it focuses on present ones. It is not enough that it provide answers to the questions we are asking today. It must also pose the new questions which will face us tomorrow.” Richard M. Nixon’s statement on the creation of the […]

Richard Nixon’s 100th Birthday

President and Mrs. Nixon on the beach at San Clemente. From the Nixon Library collection.

Today is the 100th anniversary of President Richard M. Nixon’s birth. Why not celebrate by reading six good things Nixon did for the environment?

Washington Times interview, Part 2.

Part 2 of the interview with ConservAmerica president Rob Sisson can be read by clicking The Washington Times.

Washington Times Interviews ConservAmerica President

Rob Sisson speaking at ConservAmerica's annual Theodore Roosevelt Banquet.

Writer Joseph Cotto interviewed ConservAmerica president Rob Sisson. Visit The Washington Times to read Part I of the interview.

Green Conservatism: TAC’s review of Scruton’s new book

Famed conservative Roger Scruton published How to Think Seriously About the Planet:The Case for Environmental Conservatism. The American Conservative Review of the book can be read here.