April 29, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

New Year’s Resolutions

Acadia at sunrise. National Park Foundation Image via PR Newswire

Have you made a resolution to get outdoors more in 2013? Have you resolved to step up your activity with local or national conservation issues?

Let us know by leaving a comment below! We appreciate learning about our members’ ideas and interests.

(Oh, one good resolution would be to share ConservAmerica’s website with your friends!)

Best wishes for a happy New Year!

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  1. Local and state level green Republicans need to step up to the plate and speak out louder and more actively if they want to or expect to see a change in attitude from their national leaders when it comes to strong environmental protection policies and climate science!

    • Rob Sisson says:

      ConservAmerica is working with several major Republican organizations to identify those local and state officials who can be or are part of the “common sense” Republican farm team. People who can be recruited to run for Congress.

  2. I am an amateur radio operator (KD0ETC) who combines my love of the outdoors with my ham radio hobby. This year I am challenging myself to operate my radio portable in each of Duluth, Mn 131 city parks. With my blog at kd0etc.blogspot.com I am sharing my activities and discoveries with other residents of this city so that they also can be aware of the natural beauty Duluth, Mn provides for its residents.

    Steven, KD0ETC

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