August 31, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

Cut Your Own Christmas Tree on Public Lands

US Forest Service photo

Many of our national forests and BLM units permit citizens to harvest their own Christmas trees from public land. While the practice is common in western states, permits are available from most national forest offices in the east, too.

Click on this link to visit the US National Forest website to learn more.

Tell us where you’ll find your tree this year!

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  1. We’re heading to Custer National Forest, near Red Lodge, Montana, for our annual Christmas tree chopping trip. I’ve looked up private landownership boundaries on a state website, as not all land within the forest boundary is public land.

    • Rob Sisson says:

      Red Lodge is a fantastic place—one of those towns I’ve always had on my “I’d live there in a heart beat” list. Custer National Forest is a under-appreciated by most of the country. Beautiful country. Have a great time with your family…send some photos of your day to ConservAmerica (use my address and we’ll post it on the blog!

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