August 25, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

Conservative Quote of the Week (Going Way Back)

The initial step for a soul to come to knowledge of God is contemplation of nature.
Irenaeus (120-202 A.D.)

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  1. Champ Zumbrun says:

    Hello, I been contemplating the election results of this week.

    I am probably more an Independent frame of mind than a Republican or Democrat. I really think the republicans are missing the boat by nor being more of Teddy Roosevelt republican, standing for the defense of our public lands. I think the democrats are missing the boat by not being more like a Franklin D. Roosevelt Democrat, for a strong military and national defense presence, and respecting the US Constitution.

    I am very concerned that the the principle of the US Constitution are being trampled. We are blessed with the best natural resource conservation programs in the world, but they are derived by the liberty and freedom that the US Constitution provided this country. It brought us prosperity, and prosperity allowed us to set aside public lands and develop and properly fund programs that preserve and conserve our natural resources.

    Two years from now, during the next political season, we are going to need strong conservative leaders who will defend the Constitution, and our nation through a strong well funded military (peace through strength) and will advocate for the protection and conservation of our public lands.

    The attached article about threats on our western national public lands generated these thoughts that I humbly submit to you today.

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