August 28, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

Conservative Quote of the Week

“It would go a long way to caution and direct people in their use of the world that they were better studied and known in the creation of it. For how could man find the confidence to abuse it, while they should see the Great Creator stare them in the face, in all and every part thereof?”

William Penn (1644-1718)

Note to Reader: ConservAmerica does not espouse any creed or religion. There exists, however, significant overlap in conservative and religious views on nature. And, The Green Bible (HarperOne, 1989), contains a wealth of wonderful quotes from historical religious figures! William Penn was the founder of Pennsylvania (Penn’s Woods).

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  1. Champ Zumbrun says:

    I have the Green Bible. I got it for my wedding anniversary. It is an Inspiring and outstanding resource for anyone who likes to take a walk outside.

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