February 9, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

Young in Florida’s 13th

ConservAmerica is pleased to endorse Congressman C.W. Bill Young for re-election to the House from Florida’s 13th District.

“Quietly but effectively, Congressman Young has made his mark to conserve America’s water, wildlife, and open spaces for their environmental and economic value,” ConservAmerica President Rob Sisson said. “Through his years of hard-working service, Bill Young has set a powerful example of common-sense leadership that rises above partisan differences to do what’s right for all Americans.”

“Congressman Young has a record of effectiveness, especially his leadership in pushing for timely restoration of the treasured Everglades. In his position chairing the House Appropriations Committee, it was Bill Young who secured the agreement that was an essential building block in the state-federal partnership to return the Everglades to health,” ConservAmerica Vice President for Government Affairs David Jenkins said.

“Through steadfast leadership and dedication, Congressman Young has earned another term in the House. We urge 13th District voters to send him back to Congress,” Sisson said.

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