May 6, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

Jim Gerlach is the Leader We Need–Pennsylvania’s 6th District

Congressman Jim Gerlach

ConservAmerica is pleased to endorse Congressman Jim Gerlach for re-election to the House from Pennsylvania’s 6th District.

“Jim Gerlach has made an impressive mark as an independent-minded, pragmatic conservative who has worked consistently for conservation and for a rational energy policy,” David Jenkins said. “He understands, as Ronald Reagan once said, that protecting the environment should not be a partisan litmus test issue, but common sense.”

“Congressman Gerlach has been one of the foremost champions of land protection in the nation’s capital. He has sponsored legislation to assist local and state governments with protecting open space and farmland, and is the author of a bill to extend the federal tax deduction for donating private property for conservation. This is the kind of creative, thoughtful lawmaking voters expect and want to see more of,” Jim DiPeso said.

“Congressman Gerlach favors a balanced energy plan for America that will ensure our country is not overdependent on any one energy source. He favors incentives encouraging homeowners to buy efficient appliances and to spur development of alternatives to fossil fuels,” Rob Sisson said.

“Pennsylvanians are lucky to have a congressman of Jim Gerlach’s caliber. He is a practical problem-solver who sticks to facts, focuses on what works, and champions good ideas regardless of who gets the credit,” Sisson said. “We urge voters in the 6th District to return Congressman Gerlach to the House.”

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