May 3, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

Thoughts on President Obama’s Speech Last Night

President Obama promised in his nomination acceptance speech Thursday night to “continue to reduce the carbon pollution that is heating our planet—because climate change is not a hoax.”

No, it’s not, and shame on any politician who says it is. Obama, however, has much to answer for in fumbling an historic opportunity early in his term to shift America onto a cleaner, more secure energy path.

Instead of asserting leadership on the most important stewardship issue facing America today, President Obama gave the tiller to partisan Democrats in Congress. Predictably, they produced a top-heavy climate and energy bill that only a red tape-loving liberal could love.

The bill sank of its own weight. The window of opportunity closed, the political winds changed, and the initiative shifted to congressional radicals who have sadly turned their backs on the Republican Party’s heritage of environmental leadership.

America lost precious time in confronting an issue that grows more urgent by the day. Any voter who was thrilled to hear President Obama’s acceptance speech promise should keep in mind that he made the same promise four years ago and failed to lead effectively. Given that coal interests are determined to block action at any cost, Obama should have realized that balanced and bipartisan legislation is the only path to success—and that takes an amount of hard work and commitment to the issue that we have yet to see.

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  1. John McAndrew says:

    I am thrilled to see members of the GOP who accept the science of climate change. I am no fan of President Obama’s record on climate change and energy policy. He said that climate change is not a hoax, but embraced the hoaxes of “clean coal” and fracking as a way to reduce CO2. He showed no leadership at the most recent Earth Summit in Rio. As he said, we have doubled renewables in his tenure, but our percentage of energy derived from renewable sources remains scandalously low.

    Still, this article is brazenly disingenuous in not naming members of the GOP who have denied the science of climate change and have stymied even Obama’s moderate attempts to rein in the old carbon industry and take us into a cleaner, healthier, more lucrative energy future. Even if Obama had been bold, members of your own party, as well as timid oil-soaked Democrats, would have blocked his efforts.

    • Rob Sisson says:

      I personally guarantee that almost every Republican in Congress believes the science of climate change. However, with lack of support from almost every other conservation group, those members put themselves at risk to be “primaried” by hard right wing Super Pac’s and groups. The real problem is leadership…and ConservAmerica is working to support elected officials who might be willing to accept the “Theodore Roosevelt” mantle of the party. We need more grassroots members to join the cause. Will you share with your Republican friends and ask them join our mailing list or become members (free)? While we have members in every state today, we always have room for more and louder voices!

      Rob Sisson, President

      • DMarshall says:

        If you’re right about what those Republicans believe, I have to say that the GOP is full of bald-faced liars.
        Of the 12 that were in the running for the party nomination, the only one I can find on the record in believing in the science is John Huntsman.

        I don’t envy the task in front of you especially given the current roster of Republicans on the Senate Committee for the Environment and Public Works.

        James Inhofe – denier-in-chief, his record and comments says it all
        David Vitter – has said it’s based on pseudo-science and that he agrees with Inhofe
        John Boozman – thinks it’s probably natural variation
        Mike Crapo – thinks the causes are not well-understood; seems to be hedging his bets
        Jeff Sessions – doesn’t believe the data showing worrisome warming is correct
        Lamar Alexander – DOES believe in AGW and taking action, to some degree
        Mike Johanns – believes the science isn’t yet settled and there’s still a “significant debate”
        John Barrasso – strong opponent of the EPA and an Inhofe ally

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