May 5, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

Thirteen Thank You’s

Kudos to 13 House Republicans who voted against legislation that bundles together poorly conceived proposals that would weaken clean air, clean water, and public lands protections.

Rep. Dave Reichert (WA)

Today, the House passed HR 3409. The bill’s advertised purpose is to help the coal industry, but it goes too far with a broadside attack on public health and natural heritage protections that benefit all Americans. The bill would bar the Interior Department from shielding lands with high-conservation value, such as acreage bordering national parks, from the risks of coal mining. The bill also would unnecessarily delay power plant mercury emissions limits, interfere with science-based determinations of pollution danger, and open a loophole in the Clean Water Act.

House Republicans who bucked party leaders and voted against the bill deserve praise for standing up for the traditional conservative ethic of good stewardship. If one of these lawmakers represents you in Congress, please call and thank them. You can reach any member of Congress by calling the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121.

The 13 stewardship champions include:

Brian Bilbray

Bob Dold
Tim Johnson

New Hampshire
Charles Bass

New Jersey
Frank LoBiondo
Chris Smith

New York
Chris Gibson
Nan Hayworth

Mike Fitzpatrick

Scott Rigell
Rob Wittman
Frank Wolf

Dave Reichert

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  1. This is another example of how the coal industry is guiding the environmental and energy agenda among party leaders and GOP congressmen. Romney is apparently right there with them. It’s a discouraging situation. There behavior is contrary to grass roots GOP voters. Everyone should let their congressmen who supported this bill know of their dissatisfaction.

  2. Valerie Thatcher says:

    Thank you for being one of a nearly extinct species: a reasonable Republican. Thank you for voting against this odoriferous bill that, if passed, harms all Americans while benefiting a few wealthy corporations. Please continue to stand against bills such as this that waste precious legislative time.

  3. Patty Rykhus says:

    There are a lot of Republicans that believe that protecting the environment is essential to the public good. Public safety, clean air and water should not be compromised. Thank you to those who voted against HR3409!

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