May 3, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

T-Shirt Contest Finalists. Cast your vote!

Thank you for your submissions for our 2012 National Republican Convention T-shirt contest. We have narrowed it down to three phrases. Please cast your vote for the winning phrase with a comment below.

1.“If we’ve learned any lessons during the past few decades, perhaps the most important is the preservation of our environment is not a partisan challenge; it’s common sense.”
–Ronald Reagan

2.”Conservation — It’s the RIGHT thing to do.”

3. Give me a Home, Where the Buffalo Roam
Conserve America
Restoring values, natural resources and our nation’s prosperity

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  1. I vote for 1.

    If 3 wins, it should be “nation’s” not “nations”.

  2. Christine says:

    # 1 will resonate with many. What if you also added a bit of green grass under the feet of the GOP elephant, with ConservAmerica kind of woven into the grass on the right side–cute, subtle, and you get the name out there.

  3. I like #1, but the quote is kind of long. Could it be shortened to “the preservation of our environment is not a partisan challenge; it’s common sense”?

  4. I say #1

  5. Robert Dickinson says:

    Let us not be afraid to name those Republicans who need to be convinced to be more environmentally friendly phrase those who are taking the lead. Some Republicans are talking about eliminating the EPA and reducing government clean air regulations. This would cost us much in health care costs.

    • Rob Sisson says:

      We are working with Republicans and conservatives who believe in traditional Republican and conservative values, to counter those who speak in bumper sticker slogans or who are only trying to appease very limited (and well funded) special interests. We encourage our members to contact their own elected officials to encourage them to be responsible Republicans and to point out there they might be veering from a truly conservative path!

  6. Dallas Windham says:

    I vote for #1. A quote from one of this country’s best presidents is appropriate. I voted for him in my first presidential election.

  7. Walter Szymanski says:

    My vote’s for #3. (Although it’s not how Dr. Higley wrote it in Oh, Give Me a Home Where the Buffalo Roam, what we’re really talking about here is the genus, Bison, not Buffalo. Still, I think we’re good to go with buffalo as it’s commonly accepted.)

  8. #1. I think that ?Christine is right on about adding something to the GOP Elephant. Otherwise; it’s just another GOP elepant, and you must read the back of the shirt to tell that the message is different.

  9. Definitely #1.

  10. #1 is my choice.

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