May 5, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

An Open Letter to Governor Mitt Romney from the members of ConservAmerica.

Join with other conservation-minded Republicans today and sign our open letter to Governor Romney supporting Conservation is Conservative! ®

Sign the letter!

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  1. Tina Beattie says:

    Share with friends!!!

  2. MorinMoss says:

    Is there a presence of conservation-minded Conservatives at the Tampa convention?
    There seems to be a lot of mocking of climate change by the candidate and the overall GOP. Sitting back and writing letters is a first step, and a weak one with the current denialist GOP.

    You have to face them in public and call them out on lies and distortions.

    • Rob Sisson says:

      Yes, our president, Rob Sisson, was there. He reports that delegates and many elected leaders spoke of the need to restore the GOP’s great conservation tradition. Right now, it is not a battle of ideas, but a battle of money. Those who can write huge checks to super pac’s are driving the policy rhetoric. We’ll post media hits from the convention during the next week.

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