May 1, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

Good Day Sunshine: Governor Christie’s Day in the Sun


Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) signs a bill to increase solar energy industry in his state. ConservAmerica proudly endorsed Christie during his campaign for governor. Read the Reuters article on Gov. Christie’s solar bill here.

Alaska Gold

Governor Sarah Palin loved it so much, she named a daughter after it. Alaska’s Bristol Bay is one of the world’s greatest fisheries and generates more than $450 million in revenue every year. Upstream from the Bay, a proposed new hard rock mine promises untold riches in copper and precious metals. Find out what’s at […]

Young Conservatives Looking for Solutions

Young Evangelicals for Climate Protection

“Some younger conservatives[…]have grown increasingly uneasy with the presumption that they hew to the skeptical line of the Republican Party, and some evangelicals in particular are looking for ways to embrace the science and steward the planet.” Read More

Speaker’s Bureau

ConservAmerica's David Jenkins was a featured speaker at this year's Go Green Energy Conference.

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD) hosts an annual Green Energy meeting in his district. Rep. Bartlett honored ConservAmerica by inviting Vice President for Government Affairs, David Jenkins, to speak at last week’s event. Need a speaker for your upcoming event? ConservAmerica has staff, board members, and state coordinators across the nation who may be able to […]

The American Spectator Q&A with Rob Sisson

The conservative monthly magazine, American Spectator

Click The American Spectator to read its interview with our president Rob Sisson. What questions would you like to ask Rob?

Happy Independence Day!

Elkhorn Ranch

On July 4, 1886, Theodore Roosevelt spoke to the people of Dickinson, Dakota Territory, near the future site of his beloved Elkhorn Ranch. The short speech foreshadowed his great conservation legacy. Following are excerpts: “But, as you already know your rights and privileges so well, I am going to ask you to excuse me if […]