August 24, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

Sen. Scott Brown: Conservation is conservative video

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  1. I generally agree with his thoughts. His staff could do some more research on the Keystone XL pipeline. My reading of that, including some of Trans Canada’s filings, seem to indicate that the pipeline is primarily for the company to export product outside of N. America.

    It’s good to see him stand up for a balance of values. In contrast, our 4 Colorado House members fell all over themselves in support of the mis-named (“jobs bill”) and mis-guided HR 4480 to make energy development the primary function of our public lands.

    • Rob Sisson says:

      Thanks Steve. Unfortunately, XL is more complicated than either side is making it out to be in ads and opinion pieces.

  2. Joe Skalecki says:

    Where this notion of the pipeline creating many thousands of jobs, blah blah blah that Brown and many other Republicans seem to espouse is a mystery to me. I see the pipeline as a typical boon-doggle project like so many in the past that have been hyped by vested interests like energy companies and local politicians looking for a quick easy score. For a sober view: please see the report by Cornell researchers. IMHO We need to promote and utilize our domestic natural gas supplies instead of allowing a foreign company to build a dangerous and uneconomical pipeline across our nation which will be devoted mostly to exported product to international consumers.

    • Rob Sisson says:

      Good thoughts Joe. Our hope is people will focus on Sen. Brown’s overall message on the environment. Finding 100% agreement with any member of Congress for any voter is an impossible task. Sen. Brown was a member of our organization for several years prior to his election to the US Senate. He understands and values conservation.

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