April 30, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

ConservAmerica Urges Senate to Confirm Svinicki for NRC

ConservAmerica, a national grassroots organization of conservation-minded Republicans, today urged the Senate to quickly confirm Kristine Svinicki for a second term on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. “Ms. Svinicki’s broad range of experience in nuclear energy, science and technology policy, and in government has proved to be a valuable asset to the commission. She is a […]

APL: A Case Study in Corporate Stewardship

APL Blog Entry 5.24.12

When it comes to corporations and the environment, a few bad apples can spoil the whole barrel. At ConservAmerica, we think private enterprise is one of the keys to good stewardship of our natural resources. APL, the world’s 7th largest container shipping company is a great example. The Unites States Coast Guard presented APL with […]

An Officer, A Gentleman, and Senate Pro Tempore

John Courson

South Carolina State Senator John Courson, a Marine Corps veteran and a long time ConservAmerica member, was recently elected by his senate colleagues as Senate Pro Tempore, the leader of the Palmetto State’s Senate. Senator Courson is a strong fiscal conservative and has been in the South Carolina Senate for 27 years. He refers to […]

Call of the Wild: A Republican Voice for Conservation