May 2, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

See what ConservAmerica’s Colorado members are up to…


Several other state legislatures have bills pending to force the turning over of federal lands to states, in some cases including national parks. What do you think about this? A bill to force sale of federal lands to the state has failed in the Colorado Legislature, thanks in part to the Colorado chapter of ConservAmerica. On […]

Earth Day Dallas 2012

We hope to see you there! Earth Day Dallas 2012 PSA (30 seconds) from Earth Day Dallas on Vimeo.

Does Who You Vote For Matter at the Gas Pump?

Can politicians really impact gases prices? Check out this article, by our own Jim DiPeso, about politicians power when it comes to gasoline prices.

Congress Must Keep Its Land & Water Conservation Fund Promise

"Cascading stream in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which has benefited from the Land & Water Conservation Fund. (NPS)"

When Congress returns to work next week, one of many unfinished items of business is re-authorizing transportation legislation. The Senate passed a two-year bill on March 14. The House has not yet acted. One of the provisions tucked away in the Senate bill is $700 million for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) for […]

A Faith-Based Perspective on Climate Change

“As we celebrate Easter and witness the beauty of spring, it is a great time for Christians to reflect on how our faith requires us to be good stewards of this planet that God has entrusted to our care.” – David Jenkins Read more from our own David Jenkins on being a good steward.

Maddow: Wrong About Us and Our Name

'But it's different when we make stuff up.'

All conservatives out there who believe Rachel Maddow gets her facts wrong, is prone to exaggeration, and indulges in misrepresentation for its schlocky entertainment value, please raise your hands. Well, Maddow did it again in her nightly tirade April 5. She said our organization’s new name, ConservAmerica, indicates that we’re giving up on the Republican […]

See a National Park Off the Beaten Path During Free Admission Week

See a National Park Off the Beaten Path During Free Admission Week

All 397 national parks will offer free admission during National Park Week, April 21-29. You can get in free to see our iconic national parks, the great places with the breathtaking scenery that defines America’s beauty: the Smokies, the Everglades, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Yellowstone, for example. There is also plenty to see in […]