August 30, 2016

Conservation is Conservative

Public Lands: Our American Heritage

Wheeler Peak in Great Basin National Park (NPS)

The Value of Our Public Lands Public lands are the heritage of all Americans, those living today and those not yet born. Public lands—our national parks, forests, monuments, and conservation areas, our wild rivers and scenic trails, our wilderness areas, wildlife refuges, and marine sanctuaries—embody America’s greatness among nations. They are lands and waters where […]

Water: America’s Most Valuable Resource

Sable Falls in Michigan (FWS)

What’s at Stake There is no resource more important than water for securing a strong, prosperous future for America. Clean, abundant water is essential for protecting public health, growing our food, supporting business and industry, and conserving our natural heritage. What We’ve Accomplished  We can be proud of what we have accomplished so far in […]

Grand Teton Goose Bumps

The Tetons

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Hunters, Anglers Are Eyes and Ears on Public Lands

Desert bighorn sheep in Arizona (FWS)

The American conservation movement was founded in the 19th century by sportsmen such as Theodore Roosevelt. When TR was a Dakota Territory rancher in the mid 1880s, he took many hunting trips, where he saw firsthand the harmful consequences of poor land and wildlife stewardship. Those experiences helped shape Roosevelt’s insight that “conservation is a […]